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Recommended events for Kids & Family

Peter and Blue's Birthday Party

Peter and Blue's Birthday Party

Peter and Blue’s Birthday Party, is an hour-long children’s ballet production which brings together the magic of fairy-tale and meaningful morals. Returning after the successful premiere in 2010, this performance will see the return of your favourite and familiar characters - Peter, his dog Blue, and his cat Calico, the mischievous Blueberry Boys, the lovely Apple Blossom Girls and all their friends from the forest. The ever-inquisitive trio, Peter, Blue and Calico, will embark on yet another magical adventure, ending with an unexpected surprise to celebrate Peter’s birthday! Along with children’s activities such as meet-the-characters, photo-taking session and balloon sculpting, this is a perfect family outing not to be missed!

Jul 02, 2015 - Jul 05, 2015