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School's out! - June school holiday guide

The long-awaited school break is here. You won't run out of ideas on what to do this J...

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YOUth Take On Local Literature

On it's 8th year, Celebrate Drama! presents "YOUth Take On Local Literature". Using lesser known Singapore literary works as a stimulus to learn new drama skills and deepen understanding of drama processes. Facilitators for the workshop includes celebrated local playwright Haresh Sharma, as well as young emerging talent Faith Ng, voice trainer Matt Grey and director Sean Tobin and Up and coming director Rayann Condy. Celebrate Drama will also feature hearing impaired performers and ten secondary schools to present devised performances in response to a selection of local poems. Organised by Signapore Drama Educators Assiciation (SDEA), Celebrate Drama brings together the combined efforts of teachers, artists, youths and the community who do interesting and meaningful work with drama.

Jul 25, 2014